Teaching is regarded as one of the most respectable as well as a rewarding career option in India. More than parents, teachers are responsible for a bright future of children. It is so because it is not only education that is imparted in the schools, but values of life too that are pretty essential to lead a good and happy life.

Teaching requires passion for exchanging ideas, whether one is teaching in a college or in a school. In school, delicate minds are to be educated, whereas in college, exchanges are done at an intellectual level with students. Various opportunities are available for teachers in various subjects like Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science etc. good teachers are high in demand knowing that exposure of the Internet and the information is too much on a child’s mind. Overall opportunities for teachers have been increased with the advent of virtual classroom teaching in some schools.

 Along with or after your graduation, a bachelor’s degree in education will get you a good position as a teacher in a reputed school. Govt. school jobs are considered to be quite lucrative, yet, if you wish to learn new teaching methodologies, a job in private school will solve the purpose as well. However, to grab the post of a lecturer in a college, one has to get his/her Master’s and Ph.D. done and take entrance examinations as well.

 Work timings of teachers are usually comfortable that commences generally from 8 AM and lasts till 3 PM. Timings are quite flexible in colleges.

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