Master of Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology Distance Learning

MOOT Objective

This 2-year full-time master programme prepares participants for professional specialization in multitude areas of optometry: contact lenses, provided vision therapy and low vision rehabilitation.

This moot correspondence course enhances the knowledge of candidates in the field of vision science, clinical diagnosis and Optometric management practices.

After completing the master’s degree in Optometry and Ophthalmic technology, one can proceed their career to PhD and apply for a teaching job in any medical college.

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Career Prospects

After the completion of BOOT, you will find a challenging career opportunities with Optician shops, eye doctors, and Contact Lens companies, Ophthalmic lens industry and hospital eye departments. A technician can work for eye testing, Contact lenses, squint exercises, etc. You can start your own eye clinic, Optical shop, lens manufacturing unit. You can also get job opportunities with Optician shops and hospitals in India and abroad. Additionally, you can take up teaching Optometry as a career with schools of Optometry. Common job profiles of students after completing MOOT include: Optometry and Ophthalmic Heads, Technicians, Ophthalmic Head Nurses and Academic positions.


Program Code     MOOT
Duration Min. Duration2 Years
Max. Duration4 Years
Eligibility CriteriaBOOT/BPT/BOT

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MOOT Syllabus