Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology Distance Learning

DOTT Objective

As the title itself says its meaning, Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is highly technical in nature and is meaningful for those students who want to upgrade their knowledge about innovative technologies. From private nursing homes to corporate hospitals, and government ‘s medical institutions, professional with a specialize Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology can secure competitive positions.

For tech-savvy people, MIPS is offering operation theatre technology correspondence course which prepares surgeons to work in highly sensitive environments of operation theater. Our designed curriculum is a perfect blend of practical and theory, and allow candidates to learn about new equipments being used in theaters to facilitate and monitor during procedures.

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Career Prospects

After the completion of DOTT, you will find a challenging career in a hospital, emergency centers, private laboratory, doctor’s office or clinics. Common job profiles of students after completing DOTT include: Technician in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Trauma Centers.


Program Code     DOTT(10)  DOTT(10+2)
Duration Min. Duration3 Years2 Years
Max. Duration6 Years4 Years
Eligibility Criteria1010+2 with PCB/PCM