Master  Of Occupational Therapy Distance Learning

MOT Objective

The Master of Occupational Therapy program is a two-year course for qualified Occupational therapist having a desire to pursue further studies for professional development in order to extend skills as well as knowledge for higher level practices. The master therapy correspondence course at MIPS institute creates great opportunities for occupational therapists to enhance their learning zone about contemporary occupational therapy. Throughout the program, you will have close interaction and personal attention from our dedicated faculty.

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Career Prospects

After the completion of MOT, you will find a challenging career opportunities with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, GP practices (primary care), community health centers, early intervention centers, education establishments, government agencies, mental health services, housing associations, industrial and commercial organizations, social services and council departments. Specialty areas include early intervention, education, occupational health and safety, case management, mental health, disability, vocational employment rehabilitation, assistive technology, equipment services, acute care and many others. Common job profiles of students after completing BOT include: Occupational Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Counselor, Research Assistant, support workers/rehabilitation assistants and technical instructors.


Program Code     MOT                   
Duration Min. Duration2 Years
Max. Duration6 Years
Eligibility CriteriaBOT/BPT

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MOT Syllabus